Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Blanket

This is a baby blanket that I made for a friend of mine. I love that it's got a lot of minkee fabric, so it's SO soft! I got the fabric and pattern at Brooks Fabrics in Bountiful. I think that it turned out so cute!
Check out the quilting. Sew Divine Quilting did it; isn't it cute? I just love the baby buggies, rattles, & bottles. What do you think?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Legs

Baby Legs demonstration by Baby Hopes. (How do you attach a site to the name of the site, so I don't have to post the actual "http:// blah blah blah?) Like the name Baby Hopes is highlighted and you can click it to take you to the tutorial?)

Monday, August 18, 2008

My one hour bag and applique for Paisley

I finally got around to making the one hour bag that was previously posted on here. I have also been working a lot with my new sewing machine and I love all the fun stitches that it does. It's not as sturdy as my old Bernina, but definitely more fun! I made two of these bags, the first one I gave to me niece, Kylee, 11 yrs, because she was here staying and watched me do the last bit of it. And her and I both have an amazing obsession with bags! We also made some glove animals. She loves crafts and was so amazed to watch the animal come together out of a pair of gloves! She also couldn't believe it when I was sewing the strap for the bag. She was so unsure of how it would look good because I was sewing the outsides together and then flipping it out, then it all came together and she said, "wow! It's like a real strap, like one from a store!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My mother-in-law, two sister-in-laws, and myself had a little craft day on Friday. We painted and decorated magnet boards. I think its neat how different they all turned out. We all started with a base coat, than we applied crackle paint, then our top coat. After they dried we sanded and then added decorations. Here are the finished projects.




Julie's (mother-in-law):

We bought these magnet boards at Robert's in Idaho Falls. The paint and supplies at Micheals. The stamps we had already. A real fun craft!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Diaper Cake

I had another baby shower that I went to and made another diaper cake.
I have only gone to girl baby showers so I have been able to just use flowers to decorate the cake with. There are a few people I know having boys soon so I will most likely have to come up with some 'boy-ish' ones... :)

I watched this video on how to make the cake-

Mod Podge

The bubbas and I made this box for a birthday party that they went to last week. You just mod podge paper, stickers, rhinestones, etc on any type of box. Then use different colored ribbons to tie on the handle, and voila!